Annual report – 2020

Annual report 2020 for Solör Bioenergi Holding AB.

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Nordic Infrastructure AG completes its EUR 200m Green Financing

Solör Bioenergy Group’s main shareholder Nordic Infrastructure AG (NIAG) successfully completed a EUR 200m Green Financing.

NIAG announced today that it has completed a EUR 200m Green Financing under the established Green Finance Framework.

“With this new financing, we have attracted global long-term investors enabling us to accelerate the growth strategy in Solör Bioenergy Group together with our co-shareholders,” says Martinus Brandal, CEO of NIAG. “Together with DNB Markets, we have attracted two of the biggest long-term debt investors in the world as our future partners,” says Brandal.

The new funds will be used to refinance NIAG’s existing debt facility as well as investing in the future growth of Solör Bioenergy Group and ensuring liquidity for the ordinary course of business of NIAG.

DNB Markets acted as Sole Financial Advisor and Sole Sustainable Finance Advisor in the transaction.

For more information, contact:
Martinus Brandal
CEO, Nordic Infrastructure AG
+47 916 30 060

Solör Bioenergy Group
Solör Bioenergy Group is a leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels with over 200,000 users every day. The company is located at 165 sites, primarily in Sweden and Norway, where they produce and distribute district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public enterprises and industries. The business also includes energy recovery of impregnated wood and production of biofuel. By making use of the forest’s resources, Solör wants to make way for a sustainable society with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about Solör Bioenergy Group at

Nordic Infrastructure AG
NIAG is an industrial holding company domiciled in Switzerland, owned by the founders of Solör Bioenergy Group. NIAG is the main controlling shareholder in Solör Bioenergy Group, and its strategy is to be a long-term active and driving shareholder within renewable energy in Sweden and Norway. We strive to improve the impact on a better sustainable society.

Polhem Infra and Nordic Infrastructure acquire additional stake in Solör Bioenergy Group

Solör Bioenergy Group ́s existing shareholders, the Infrastructure investor Polhem Infra and the majority shareholder Nordic Infrastructure, increase their shareholding by acquiring all shares from YRC Worldwide Inc.

Solör Bioenergy Group announced today that Polhem Infra, wholly owned by the Swedish State Pension Funds AP1, AP3 and AP4 and Nordic Infrastructure, the original Solör Bioenergy Group founders holding company, have acquired 3.66% of the shares in Solör Bioenergy Group from the existing shareholder YRC Worldwide inc. 90% of the shareholding are acquired by Polhem Infra and 10% of YRC ́s shares are acquired by Nordic Infrastructure.

“Solör Bioenergy Group is a leading energy company for wood-based district heating with focus on the highest ESG standards. Moreover, we are executing a rapid growth strategy and will continue to be ambitious and action oriented while we continue to serve as an active and responsible partner to our clients,” says Martinus Brandal, Chairman & CEO of Solör Bioenergy. “Therefore, Nordic Infrastructure is taking this opportunity to increase it ́s shareholding in this growing company,” adds Brandal.

The investment in Solör Bioenergy Group was the first for Polhem Infra after its foundation 2019. “The Group has a proven track record as an industry consolidator with several successful transactions since Polhem Infra ́s initial investment. Therefore, Polhem Infra took this opportunity to acquire additional shares, as we view Solör as an important and long – term investment Polhem Infra will continue to focus on further enhancing the company’s position as a sustainable and responsible provider of district heating to its customers and society”, says Mikael Lundin, CEO of Polhem Infra.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

For more information, contact:
Martinus Brandal
Chairman & CEO, Solör Bioenergy Group
+47 916 30 060

Mikael Lundin
CEO, Polhem Infra
+46 70 278 05 84

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Green Finance Framework certificate

In the Solör Group, we strive to have a fossil-free production of energy with an ambition to be climate neutral. By producing renewable energy and recycling hazardous wood waste, we wish to promote the transition towards an environmentally sustainable society. We are actively working to increase the proportion of biofuels, minimize the share of fossil fuels, reduce electricity consumption and increase efficiency in our production of energy.

Our operations require compliance with strict environmental regulations and codes in the countries where we operate, as well as permits and licenses. To ensure a consistently high quality, we benchmark our production facilities to identify improvement areas and implement best practice processes for all plants. To reduce our electricity use, we are installing metering devices to monitor electricity use, we are enhancing the efficiency of existing flue gas condensers, pumps, fans and compressors, and we are installing LED lighting.

BE Bio Energy Group AG and the Solör Group have obtained a Second Party Opinion from CICERO Shades of Green to confirm the transparency of this Green Finance Framework and its alignment with the LMA Green Loan Principles and the ICMA Green Bond Principles, both published in 2018. The Second Party Opinion is available here together with the Green Finance Framework.

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Solör Bioenergy establish a new finance structure

Solör Bioenergy forms a new group finance structure for the entire company. The new group finance structure consists of a syndicate of 6 international banks to further strengthen the Group’s growth strategy. Solör Bioenergy Group announced today that it completed a refinancing for the entire Group. The new financing structure includes a Senior Facility as well as a Junior Facility. The new financing covers the entire Group and includes a substantial Capex Facility and a Revolving Credit. This will contribute to the Groups growth strategy going forward.

“With this new finance structure, we have secured access to liquidity for our operations and growth strategy within renewable district heating and biomass production in the Nordics”, says Martinus Brandal, Chairman & CEO of Solör Bioenergy. “With this kind of financial power, we will be able to further accelerate our growth strategy as well as strengthening our position as a leading provider of district heating”, adds Brandal.

“We operate in 77 municipalities in Sweden and 17 municipalities in Norway, and we deliver safe and clean energy to the highest ESG standards. We will continue our M&A strategy with small and mid-size acquisitions”, says Brandal.

For more information, contact:
Martinus Brandal
Chairman & CEO, Solör Bioenergy Group
+47 916 30 060

Florian Raitner
CFO, Solör Bioenergy Group
+41 786 79 8844

Stockholm, March 24, 2020

Solör Bioenergy
Group Solör Bioenergy Group provides essential energy services in Sweden, Norway and Poland. The Group produces wood-based bioenergy for the public and private sector including private households, municipalities, industrial customers and local/regional governments. The annual energy delivery amounts to approximately 2.5 TWh and the Group has approximately 8,800 customers and the equivalent of 156 500 users. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about Solör Bioenergy Group at