Solör Bioenergy Group successfully acquire district heating and fiber network in Falbygdens Energi AB from Nordion Energi

Solör Bioenergy Group announced today that it has successfully acquired Falbygdens Energi AB from Nordion Energi. The deal, which includes district heating and the fiber network in Falköping, enters into force during May 2021. The electricity network operations in Falköping and the surrounding area continue to be owned and operated by Nordion Energi.

The acquisition of Falbygdens Energi AB means that Solör Bioenergy Group acquire the entire company, including district heating and the fiber network in the towns of Falköping, Stenstorp and Floby in Västra Götaland. The business will be run under the Solör brand. The electricity network, which remains with Nordion Energi, continues under the Falbygdens Energi brand.

– With this acquisition, we continue to execute our defined growth strategy within renewable district heating in the Nordics”, says Martinus Brandal, Chairman & CEO of Solör Bioenergy group. – The acquisition will further strengthen Solör Bioenergy’s position as one of the leading providers of district heating in Sweden.

The production of district heating in Falbygdens Energi amounts to 160 GWh energy annually, which includes district heating, steam and electricity and is marked according to Swedish environmental standards, “Good Environmental Choice.”

– We are very pleased to be able to realize this acquisition, which is a proof of our growth strategy. Solör has followed the company for a long time and being able to complete the acquisition together with Nordion feels fantastic. The company has good expertise that will be useful for the entire Solör Group, says Anders Pettersson, Managing Director & COO Solör Bioenergy Group.

– For Nordion Energi, the deal means that we continue to build an energy group with a sustainable and flexible offering, prepared for the future. We look forward to developing the electricity network business in Falköping and the surrounding area and being a strong partner to our customers, says Hans Kreisel, CEO Nordion Energi.


For further information, contact:

Martinus Brandal, Chairman & CEO, Solör Bioenergy Group, +47 916 30 060
Florian Raitner, CFO, Solör Bioenergy Group, +41 786 79 8844
Anders Pettersson, Managing Director & COO Solör Bioenergy Group, +46 70 491 5595
Hans Kreisel, CEO Nordion Energi+46 722 175 821


Solör Bioenergy Group

Solör Bioenergy Group, is a leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels with over 200,000 users every day. The company is located at 165 sites, primarily in Sweden and Norway, where they produce and distribute district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public enterprises and industries. The business also includes energy recovery of impregnated wood and production of biofuel. By making use of the forest’s resources, Solör wants to make way for a sustainable society with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.


Nordion Energi

Nordion Energi is specialized in energy infrastructure. Their goal is to drive the energy transition towards a society with 100% green energy. The group consists of Weum and Swedegas, which own and operate infrastructure for gas in southwest Sweden, and Falbygdens Energi, which supplies electricity to customers in Falköping and the surrounding area. Together, they have 40,000 customers in industry, companies, energy companies, commercial properties and private households.

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