Solör Bioenergy Group comprises bioenergy companies which are providing essential energy services in Sweden and Norway. The Group produces wood-based bioenergy for the public and private sector including private households, municipalities, industrial customers and local/regional governments. As a leading bioenergy company, the Group is operating in the entire value chain from procurement, production and distribution to sale of energy in form of district heating, industrial steam, electricity and various biomass products.

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District heat to 235 000 customers

Solör Bioenergi delivers district heat to about 235 000 customers at different locations in Sweden, Norway and Poland. Each location is managed by personell having long experience with the district heating operations.

Biofuels, environmental terminals and pellets

When you are using our biofuels you will get products of high quality requiring minimal handling. This means among other things, pellets and briquettes having a high energy content, low ash content and high density. Aspects that results in good combustion, minimal maintenance and cost effective usage.