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Wood pellets production

Our pellets are produced from high quality fir and pine wood and is available at distributors throughout Sweden and Norway. Our customers includes private customers, energy companies, municipalities and industrial companies.

Environmentally friendly heat
from local ingredients

When you choose Solör Bioenergi’s pellets and briquettes, you know you are getting high-quality pellets that require minimal handling.

This means pellets with a high energy content, low ash content and a high density. Something that guarantees even combustion, low maintenance and cost-effective use.

Energy recycling of
impregnated wood waste

We are a leading player in the reception, intermediate storage and energy recovery of impregnated wood waste. Solör Bioenergi Recycling offers a complete solution in the recycling of used wood material.

We take responsibility for the material being used and converted into energy in an environmentally friendly way.