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Local Heating

Local heating is our energy concept at Solör Bioenergi. It includes the management of energy supply as a comprehensive solution with overall responsibility for operation and maintenance.

Leave the responsibility to us

With Local heat you can peacefully take care of other important things. As a customer, you can choose to give us the full responsibility of the energy and heating needs that you have, or we can assist you in specific areas. Some advantages to us are that we own the heating systems and, if necessary, we can rebuild and complete what is needed to adapt a plant to modern bioenergy.

Local heating is a term used in the industry when we use energy as a service such as local heat plant or any other type of mobile heating plant.

Solör Bioenergi present an assignment based entirely on your needs, and we answer any questions and concerns you may have about which energy type is most cost-effective. Whether it’s wood pellets, bio oil or wood chips, we compare them and present all the pros and cons. Then it is up to you to decide what kind of energy supply to use. We take care of the rest.

Some projects require rebuilding in an existing boiler room, while others may require us to build a completely new heat central. It simply depends on what suits your business.

Can we help you with Local heating?

Our concept takes care of the entire chain: design, contact with authorities, investment and installation. We also take care of the operation, service and maintenance, which creates a comprehensive package for you as a customer.

In terms of industries and sawmills, Local heat works in the way that we take full responsibility – an overall responsibility for your energy supply. We own and are responsible for the operation as well as the maintenance of the heating system. With this broad overview we can streamline your energy use and you can spend your time on something else, such as your business.

We hope that you will use us as your personal expert adviser. We know the industry and we have many years of experience in heat and energy that we gladly share with us when we help you and your business with your needs.