• For a sustainable society

    Solör Bioenergi supplies district heating in large parts of Sweden and in Norway. We address small and medium-sized municipalities and industries in terms of both the construction and operation of facilities for the delivery of local heating, steam and electricity.

For us, the future is circular

Solör Bioenergy Group is a leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels.

We are located in large parts of Sweden and in Norway, where we produce and distribute district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public businesses, and industries. Our business also includes energy recovery of impregnated wood and production of biofuel, as well as operation and maintenance of municipal and private VA facilities. By making use of the forest’s resources, we want to pave the way for a sustainable society with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

In order for you as a customer to feel safe, the business is structured in regions. In each region, there is expertise with long industry experience to manage the local district heating and be quickly at hand if any errors should occur.

This is how it works

A central boiler plant produces hot water that heats entire communities. For the buildings that are heated with district heating, the hot water comes in well-insulated pipes to the house’s heat exchanger, which ensures that the elements are warm and that there is hot water in the tap. District heating is the most common form of heating in Sweden and is used by more than half of all homes and premises in the country.

District heating began to be built to improve the air in our cities. Just by moving the combustion to a single place, instead of each house having its own boiler, the air quality improved rapidly.

The reliability of delivery for district heating is high. If there is an interruption, backup facilities are switched on and as a customer you usually do not even have time to notice that the temperature has dropped in the property.

Do you want to know more?

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