• Utility Solutions: Water, heating, cooling and energy

    Whatever problem you have, we have a solution and a proposal for how we can take your energy and water supply to the next level. We are specialists in managing the day-to-day operations of your facilities.

Get more out of your resources in water, heating, cooling and energy

Our goal is always for our customers to get the most out of their resources. When we work with the supply and distribution of water, heating and cooling, we always start from a current situation analysis and a circular overall perspective that includes recycling. This allows us to find all challenges, areas for improvement and possible synergies – and for example ensure that all waste and excess heat is put to good use.

We can also design, construct and project manage facilities where either you or Solör Bioenergi become the owner. And then at the same time we can help with financial solutions, as well as running the facility. In addition, we can guarantee availability, functionality and cost levels by taking functional responsibility in ventilation, water, drainage as well as electricity supply and equipment.

“When Solör Bioenergi can create the most value is when we create a solution adapted to each specific customer and facility.”